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And for those followers that are worried about me,

Don’t worry I think this time around, I’m going to be just fine

So it didn’t go well….

Actually it didn’t even go. He hasn’t even texted me back…..he probably won’t. I made a fool out of myself. Well at least I know it’s done and he’s done with me. Now I can move on. Like it took over a year, but now it is time to move on. It just sucks a little because of everything I wanted to do with him. But I said something rude and unspeakable. Or well something you just don’t go and say if you aren’t even sure if that is what you want -__-“. Like it’s going to suck because this time around, I actually did see something going to happen maybe. And he stuck around even after he knew about my crazy mom, my super-Christianness, and my v-cardness lol. He came back after everything that went down last year. He even stayed after I questioned him in the beginning AND called him not special and said he was “just anutha nigga”….He stayed for a lot. But so did I. I need to also remember that the reason I said that was because I wanted better and more and after talking for 9 months last year, I got nothing. And this time may have been different but I had to consider last year too in this. And then that week he was becoming shitty to me and my girl-side took the best of me and just called out. Not even time out. This time I guess it’s done and there’s probably no coming back from this. No breaks in between, it’s done. I guess tomorrow I’m gonna have to delete all his pics and vids on my phone and unfollow him on all the other social networks (he doesn’t have tumblr so this is where I rant about him), and oh God….delete our old texts….our texts are on the reg, as ling as this post I swear. Everything has to be gone of him. I sent out my last text to him. I tried to reach out and wanted to say sorry and ask for takesie-backsies and then make it up to him with Idk three scoops of ice cream? I wanted to. Even if it were to be awkward after. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t then we move on. And since he didn’t even text me back….I guess we’re moving on…..

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sorry i only like people that i never have a chance with

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