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"How many ways can you say ‘We are BAD for each other!’"

-a novel by Damon Salvatore (via selflesstefan)

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Solid selfie of me and my horse.


Solid selfie of me and my horse.

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Please please tell me you miss me…

Because I know that you do I know it. Don’t blow me off, don’t push me out of your head. Don’t give it time. Don’t think about it. Just tell me you miss me. Just come see me. Please. I miss you. I miss you a lot. All I want is for you to be here. Why does it have to be difficult. I’m not asking for a relationship. I don’t want that. I want to see how this could go. And I know we like each other too much already and what if it leads to something we’re not ready for. And I know that you’re scared of hurting me. But I don’t care. I just miss you. And I don’t care about all the other factors. I just want it to be right now and I don’t want to over think it this time. I just want to be with you and we don’t have to call it anything but just together. And I just want a two hour hug from you and another 2 hour hand holding. And then we could eat donuts and laugh about how much we over thought this and just let it be. I miss you. Just tell me you miss me too): I don’t want it to be over yet. I change my mind a lot but the only thing that didn’t ever change was that I care about you. And it sucks not being able to talk to you. I just want to know what the heck you’re thinking so that I’ll know what to do. What to tell you. I just want you here. Eeps :x

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i need a two hour long hug

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